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I’m an anthropologist working in postdoctoral researcher development at the University of Graz. I have  professional experience in diversity and gender equality promotion, developing and facilitating (peer) mentoring programmes, and involving various stakeholders for creating change in organizations. I have expertise in intersectional gender research and education. In the past I’ve worked for equality offices at German and Austrian universities as well as at Verein für Männer- und Geschlechterthemen Steiermark, where I worked in EU-projects, mainly in gender-reflective violence prevention. I have a Ph.D.  (2014) and M.A. in Cultural Anthropology (2009), both from Graz University. I also studied at the University of Otago (Dept. of Anthropology, Gender and Sociology), New Zealand.

I’ve worked as a predoc and postdoc at Austrian universities from 2011 until 2016, as programme director and researcher. I still occasionally work as an adjunct lecturer. I am co-founder of Network Qualitative Research Graz. My favourite topics include: gender and migration studies, qualitative methodologies, sexualities, feminism.

Recommendation for a publication from my time as a researcher:

Andrea Ploder/Johanna Stadlbauer (2016): Strong Reflexivity and Its Critics: Responses to Autoethnography in the German-speaking Cultural and Social Sciences, In: Qualitative Inquiry 2016, Vol. 22(9) 753–765.