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I’m an anthropologist working in early-career researcher development at the University of Graz. I have expertise in intersectional gender research and education. In the past I’ve worked for equality offices at German and Austrian universities as well as at Verein für Männer- und Geschlechterthemen Steiermark, where I worked in EU-projects, mainly in gender-reflective violence prevention. I have a Ph.D.  (2014) and M.A. in Cultural Anthropology (2009), both from Graz University. I also studied at the University of Otago (Dept. of Anthropology, Gender and Sociology), New Zealand.

I’ve worked as a pre-doc and postdoc at Austrian universities from 2011 until 2016, as programme director and researcher. I still occasionally work as an adjunct lecturer. I am co-founder of Network Qualitative Research Graz. My favourite topics include: gender and migration studies, qualitative methodologies, sexualities, feminism.

Some English language publications:

Andrea Ploder/Johanna Stadlbauer (2016): Strong Reflexivity and Its Critics: Responses to Autoethnography in the German-speaking Cultural and Social Sciences, In: Qualitative Inquiry 2016, Vol. 22(9) 753–765.

Johanna Stadlbauer (2012, Blog-Post): Plotting Lifestyle Migration V: When Austrians move to New Zealand – Freedom, lifestyle and opportunity, for:, edited by Michaela Benson (Date of Publication: 23.9.2012).

Some English language talks and workshops:

Strong Reflexivity. Possibilities and Limitations of Autoethnography from the Perspective of Cultural Anthropology. Lecture with group activities im Rahmen der Erasmus Teaching Mobility im Seminar for Magister Work (Peter Simonič), Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Universität Ljubljana, 18.04.2016.

“How would you do that?” Moderated peer counseling for methods, Workshop for the International Doctoral Program “Transformation Processes in European Societies” Network Meeting/ Doctoral Colloquium, 14.-16.05.2015, Institut für Volkskunde und Kulturanthropologie, Universität Graz.

Research up, Gender and Migration – Expatriate Spouses as Ambivalent Agents, Presentation for the Workshop of the International Doctoral Programme „Transformations in European Societies“, 29.10.-2.11.2013, Heriott Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Self-realization and ‘Patchwork’-Identities – Recent Austrian Migrants in New Zealand, Presentation for the Conference “Re-thinking Community in Contemporary Anthropology” of the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand, 13.-15.12.2009, Picton, New Zealand